Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Week in Running

The last week has been the hardest I have had so far in my short running career. I decided two weeks ago to take out my mid-week rest day, that didn’t seem so bad. The issue came in when I decided to play full court basketball for 2 hours on Tuesday night without removing a run.  I have to say I felt great out there on the court. While I still can’t shoot worth a darn, I could definitely run. I was at the lead of the pack most of the night even with a couple of younger and smaller guys playing. I worked and I worked. When it was all done, I was in pain… I ended up with three blisters on my feet. Apparently my basketball shoes either don’t fit properly or aren’t broke in enough yet. I digress, this post was supposed be all about running and all I have talked about so far is basketball.
Like I said even though I played ball on Tuesday I still decided to run all 6 days. I started Monday and Tuesday with 4.5 mile runs, these both went smoothly. Wednesday after the fateful night of basketball and several layers of Biofreeze I got up feeling good and went on out. After a wrong turn trying something different this run went just a touch longer than planned at 4.7 miles. Thursday being Thanksgiving day, I was with family and invited my parents to ride their bikes with me, as well as my wife, who is almost always with me. They came along and I took a little run in the country by their home. Since it was Thanksgiving and I knew I would be eating a bit differently than normally I went for the extra half a mile. 5 miles and afterwards my feet started to hurt but I felt I had to add a little something for the holiday.
I’m not quite sure why, when my feet still hurt I decided to still go for the 4.5 on Friday but I ran through. This was my slowest run by a decent shot, running 11 minute miles. That brings us to Saturday. Due to some plans we made my wife could not join me on my long run(it’s never the same without her next to me on her bike). I went for 7 miles. This was a new distance for me. I got out and started going and my phone started telling me my speeds at 5 minute intervals. I couldn’t believe it, muscle sore and in a little bit of pain I was running faster than usual. I was running 9 min to 9:30 miles for the first 3 miles and I barely fell off even a little. My slowest was 10:28, that is pretty good for me. I finished 7.13 miles in 1:12:02. This brought my weekly total to 30.32 miles. A long hot bath after my long run always makes me feel great and that new distance and speed made it even better. Overall a very successful week but I am worried that I am on the verge of overtraining with my new found zeal for running.
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