Friday, November 18, 2011

So many topics, so little space, oh wait this is a blog

First, my poor Scheflera had an accident this week. I was moving it from home to my new office and I was running a bit late, I mean I made it right on time exactly, not like me. So anyway due to it being a new to me job I am not really good at figuring out exactly where the drive is located, the building is a bit back off the road. Well when I slammed on the brakes the plant went a tumbling around the floorboards of my front seat. Unfortunately I broke about five branches off and lost a few more leaves and soil. I am happy to report that this happened on Tuesday and while it is a bit worse for the wear, my baby seems to be doing surpisingly well. I even see some of the branches moving themselves to collect a bit of additional light in the new environment. I am lucky this is a hardy plant otherwise I would have killed it long ago.

Second, my new job is going well. I don't deal with customers, I'm not on the phone all day, and I mostly am left to do things as I please. There is a lot of data entry but thats a lot of what accounting is all about. The company seems great and my coworkers are fun to be around. I have flexibility and camaraderie, what more could I ask for in this day and age.

Third, this has been a breakthrough week with my running. I am just hoping I'm not pushing too hard. My daily runs were 3 miles last week and this week I have done 4 miles. That in and of itself isn't a huge deal but I also decided to not take Wednesday off but run then instead. That puts me just over 20 miles so far this week with 6 more planned for tomorrow. I have felt a little more soreness in my muscles and well I did run a bit slower this morning than any other day this week but I have mostly just enjoyed it. I just don't want to overdo it like everyone online seems to talk about. I don't want to be the next guy to end up with a stress fracture or torn ligament because he pushed himself well beyond his limit.

~Running Fool

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