Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I can't get away from it. I think I am addicted to running. While I am still taking a few days off here and there, at least once a week, I think about running all the time. I am constantly searching the internet for more information. Reading blogs and articles, talking to the people I know who run, and in general it is on my mind. I talked to my chiropractor this evening about my distance. I always have these new questions, am I running too much, too slow, too little, too often. Today it was should I work on my speed or my distance.
What he told me was until I get into the distance I want and I have reached my personal weight goal I should worry more about the distance. Running at a slow pace, an aerobic pace, is best for the burning of all fuels it seems. Once you speed up to an anaerobic pace your body starts to conserve energy. So I am going to instead of adding a short 2 mile run to the schedule add another shorter distance run of at the moment 4 miles. This will bring me up to 4 miles a day Monday through Friday with Saturdays at 6 miles. I am going to keep increasing this roughly 10% per week until I find a good place to stop. My goal for the moment is 5 miles and 10 for the longer run. I would tell you I am going to hold steady there but I don't think I will. Once I hit that goal we will see what happens. Maybe 10 and 15? Who knows? I am sure I will keep posting.

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