Saturday, November 12, 2011


So this morning I made it to a new distance for me, 5.54 miles. While last weeks 5.17 miles left my legs rubbery and I thought I might not be able to go much further, today I felt great. As a matter of fact this route had much more in the way of hills and I had to stop briefly for a pit stop, it only took me a minute and a half longer. The run this morning has made leaps and bounds in the motivation department. I am confident now that I will be able to do the 25k Riverbank run in the Spring and I have high hopes to complete my first marathon next year. Now I am just trying to figure out how far it is okay for me to go each day and when I will need to start working on my speed.
Every day I do more and more research about running and keep trying to figure out what the formula is for doing it safely and enjoyably. My only issue right now is that tomorrow is supposed to be a day off and I want to run some more.

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