Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Runner's High

The famous runner's high. I thought I would take a moment to discuss this topic. I am not sure that I fully understand this myth. I do however know that when I pass the half way point of my runs they seem much easier for me. This morning for example, when I hit the 2.5 mile mark, of 4.5, I felt like the run was all downhill from there, despite several hills and miles to go. Is this the runner's high? I can tell you it seems to work this way for me on all my runs. When I know I have passed the mid point, my mind starts telling me how I won't have any trouble finishing.
Now to let you know, I just looked at my mile splits and while I felt the last 2 miles were easier they also were slower than my first 2. What does this all mean? Am I just not getting to the runner's high? Will I see it later? Does it matter at all as long as I enjoy running? Let me know what you think and if you can describe the runner's high you feel to me.

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