Saturday, November 12, 2011

Netbook and Ubuntu

This morning I decided to install the newest version of Ubuntu to my netbook 11.10. I have to admit they keep making it easier and easier. I do have to do a bit of tweaking to get it to run well on my EEE-900 with only a 4GB main SSD and a 16GB secondary SSD. For some reason with these two small drives if I install everything to the smaller faster disk it runs horribly. I have found the perfect formula though.
I make an ext2 boot partition on the 4GB drive of 100MB. Then I make the remainder of that disk an ext4 partition for "\" or basically the majority of the operating system.
Next on the 16GB disk I make my swap partition. This is the part that I thought was counter-intuitive because of the relative speed of the drives. I assure you the swap being on this drive makes the machine significantly faster. Plus, by doing it in this way we can make a nice large swap file of 2GB. I also make sure the swap is the primary partition and resides at the beginning of the drive. The last partition I make is the remaining space on the 16GB drive for "\home" this being the majority of the user files as far as I understand. Setting it up this way makes a nice responsive machine with little to no space issues.
So far I am by no means a Linux pro, I have been messing around with it here and there but I continue to run a Windows based PC as my primary. I do have a Linux virtual machine or 3 installed on this machine though to use some specific Linux utilities and play with occasionally. Generally one or two of my flash drives have a Linux bootable OS on them.
I love the "idea" of Linux, I just cannot bring myself to make a full life conversion, yet.

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