Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lions Week 10

Today was a bitter defeat for Detroit Lions fans everywhere. It had all the reminders of the Lions of the past. Terrible passing, receiving, running, and special teams. This game wasn't just a blow out, it was an atrocity. I sat and watched and watched and rooted and rooted like I always do and they let me down, like I should expect by now.  Somehow every week I get my hopes up again that Detroit is a new team and they are going to show the world that there was a reason I have stood behind them all these years.
Little glimmers of hope, and flashes of brilliance, these are the straws I grasp at. When will I learn that the Lions will be the Lions and to just enjoy the game for the sake of the game and quit hoping and wishing for a team that will perform. Maybe, just maybe if I let them go, they will finally find a way to make it. Not that I hold any fascination that anything I do will have any impact on the outcome of a professional football game, but maybe I can survive my fan-hood long enough to see it happen.

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