Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today for the first time, I introduced my youngest son to the sport of hunting, specifically firearm deer hunting. While it did not go perfectly we did get some time together, alone, out in the woods. We didn't see any deer to speak of, but we did develop what I hope is some good camaraderie and maybe even a bit of an understanding of why I hunt. Like I told him today, it is not all about going out into the woods to get a deer. It is much more. An opportunity to get away from the digital world and think about how the world used to be. To think about how some people even live today, choosing to be "off the grid."
Hunting gives you that time to be out in nature, hopefully away from the world. The world slows down out there and as soon as you can convince yourself to be still long enough, the forest wakes up around you. Squirrels birds, and chipmunks all around you, scampering around, flitting from branch to branch. Hunting for me is much more than just the hunt, it is a chance to feel like I am a part of the world.

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