Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For a rainy afternoon

While my title simply states the weather I have lots to talk about. It has been a busy morning.
I started with a run this morning and I did just over 3 miles again which seemed to go suprisingly easy. I felt for the first time today that there might be a chance of me actually completing the 15 miles of the River Bank Run in May. While three miles felt fine this morning though I do know that the 5 miles I ran on Saturday left my legs feeling like rubber so I have a long ways to go if I am going to make it.
I have accomplished a ton of small tasks I had planned for today, so many in fact I got the overshare badge on Foursquare and I believe I still have a few more stops this evening. I know my task list for the day isn't complete. It is amazing how much you can get accomplished in a few days off. It's also amazing how much of a mess you can make.
Hopefully some basketball yet tonight but if not I have plenty left to fill my schedule.

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