Monday, November 7, 2011

First Post

Well it seems to me that almost everyone is trying to start a blog these days and well why not me? I just would like to have a place to put down some of my thoughts an share my life. I assume that this will mostly be for me but if someone else gets something out of it then well so be it. Let me say a few things about myself that may clear some things up. I am 30 years old at the time of writing this, I am married with two sons, Michael and Christopher. My bride is the lovely Stephanie. I am going through a bit of a life transition at the moment including some trials and some major changes. My wife and I have started dieting together, quit smoking, and started to live a generally healthier life. I now run most mornings and have lost 60 lbs so far doing that. We also started attending church again recently. Then about a month ago, the business I ran with two other partners had to close up, for several reasons, but mostly, money. We ran an IT business for about 18 months before we had to call it quits. Next week I will be starting my new job as a bookkeeper for another business and I am excited to go back to the 8 to 5 schedule of a regular office job. I am an avid reader, until recently I played way to many video games, and I enjoy food a great deal. I suppose that is a bit of a long winded introduction but hey, this is my blog so I get to do what I want!

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