Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Feast for Crows (Book four of A Song of Ice and Fire)

A Feast for Crows (Book four of A Song of Ice and Fire)
By George R.R. Martin
I finally finished this book over the weekend. It certainly took me long enough to get to. It seemed other books just kept coming up. I have so far, been impressed by Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire. This book hooked and held me just like the others but in the end left me feeling disappointed. In an attempt to not give anything away, it just plain left me hanging.  I was looking for more of a climax to finish the 4th book of this series.
This particular book did spend time with one of my favorites, Samwell Tarley. I have always seen his inner strength and rooted for him throughout the series. In this book he stepped up again to do what was needed and seems to have found himself in a precarious position to finish the book. Also, in a bit of intrigue, he comes dramatically close to running into another of my favorites, without quite running into her, Arya Stark.
Arya has moved into a dark world of death and dying, in the House of Black and White. Sadly I didn’t feel her story moved forward much but she did provide us a nice little surprise.
Cersei felt like she ruled this book, just like the kingdoms and well, I just love to hate her.  Maybe my despise is why it felt like she was lingering on the page.  Her plotting and scheming is putting her into a tighter and tighter position. It seems Martin is content to let her fate be decided at a later time, die Cersei, you are evil.
Jamie is off to war and continues to prove to be a better man than he was with two hands. He tries to serve his king and to still keep his oath to the deceased Catelyn Stark.  He proves to be a skilled commander and a decisive leader while taking Riverrun. Jamie is a character I find myself liking more and more as the series progresses.
The stories of both Brienne and Sansa seemed to lack luster in this book.  Overall not much worth mentioning, they did however have several chapters. The only notable points seem to be that Sansa has grown up quite a bit since leaving King’s Landing and Brienne seems to continue to be who we have thought she was throughout.
In general this book while engaging and entertaining right until the end, left me disappointed. It didn’t feel like a complete book and while it was already quite long, I would have gladly read another 500 pages to come to a conclusion. If this book was the first book of the series you picked up I would imagine it to be a huge letdown. All that said, I am too engaged in the characters to leave the series and I will be continuing with book 5, A Dance with dragons.

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